Welcome to Ranier



Portions of the Ranier town center have a sewer system maintained by the City.  The remainder of the City's sewer lines are administered through the East Koochiching County Sewer District.

Please contact the City Office @ 218-286-3311 with issues or concerns.  East Koochiching County Sewer District can be contacted at 218-283-9388.


The current Ranier sewer rates are:  $26.53 for the minimum monthly usage of 2000 gallons and $2.61 for each additional 1000 gallons or any portion thereof.


Please watch the video below. It proves that 'flushable' items other than toilet paper SHOULD NOT be flushed down your toilet. It causes problems with your sewer as well as your community's. 

Attached Document or FileWill It Flush Proof that only toilet paper should be flushed