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Ranier Dog Licensing

Ranier is a dog friendly city and allows its resident dog owners the privilege of letting their dogs roam unleashed.  However, there are guidelines as stated in Ranier's dog ordinance regarding the licensure, ownership and regulation of dogs in Ranier (see link below).
If you live in the Ranier city limits, your dog must be registered and licensed at the Ranier City Administrator's office.  You will need to give us a photograph of your dog and we will give you a license tag to attach to the dog's collar.  The license will have a number identifying the dog in case of an emergency.   There is no fee for the registration.
To be clear, non-Ranier resident dogs must be leashed or penned at all times while within Ranier city limits. 
If you are renting a home in Ranier for more than 30 days, your dog(s) must be licensed.
Additionally, no dogs are allowed at Ranier Beach nor City Beach!  Please be respectful of these rules.
Responsible dog owners are the key!