Welcome to Ranier




 When is the city clerk's office open?

The Ranier city office is open Monday through Thursday:  8:00am - 4:00pm and Friday: 8:00am - 12:00pm.  The City Office is closed on all Federal holidays.

 Where do I apply for a dog license?

You can apply for a dog license at the Clerk's Office in the Ranier Community Bldg.  Bring your dog with you so we can meet and give him/her a treat. You will fill out a form and we'll take a picture of the dog for our records and will receive their own tag that doesn't expire.  Cats do not require a license.

 When are the streets plowed?

Generally, the streets are plowed after a snowfall of more than three inches.  Please understand that the EMERGENCY ROUTES are plowed FIRST; then the plowing will begin on the side streets and alleys. Please be patient while the snowplowers are doing their best to get the job done. If you feel your street has been forgotten, then please let the City Administrator's office know so that we can contact the plowers for an update. Thank you for your cooperation.

 What is a "quiet zone"?

A "quiet zone is a section of a rail line at least one-half mile in length that contains one or more consecutive public highway-rail grade crossings at which locomotive horns at not routinely sounded when trains approach the crossing.  Establishment of the "quiet zone" through the Federal Railroad Administration required the construction and installation of supplemental safety measures including crossing arm gates, raised center medians and "no train horn" signs.

Once a "quiet zone" has been established, train engineers have no legal duty to sound the train horn, but may exercise discretion during emergency situations (i.e. the presence of a person on the track).   If a railroad or individual engineer fails to sound the locomotive horn as required or is unnecessarily sounding the train horn in an established quiet zone, they are subject to enforcement action by FRA.

 What is the "call before you dig" number?

Call Gopher State One Call @ 800-252-1166, the state-wide notification center for excavation in Minnesota to mark your underground utilities at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) before you dig in your yard.

 What is the phone number for the Ranier Post Office?

The Ranier US Post Office phone number is 218-286-3214.

 Who do I call to lift the Ranier Bridge?

The Ranier Lift Bridge spanning the Rainy River from Ranier to Ft. Francis, ON is operated by Canadian National Railroad and is governed by the US Coast Guard.  To request that the bridge be lifted for boat traffic, please call 708-332-3002: SELECT option 1.  For complaints in failure to lift the bridge or delays in lifting the bridge, a complaint form must be submitted to the USCG.  A copy of the form is attached or stop by the Ranier City Clerk's office to pick one up.


 Where is the Ranier City Hall and Administrative Office?

The Ranier City Hall and Administration office are located at 2099 Spruce Street (CSAH 20).  Its mailing address is PO Box 186, Ranier, MN  56668.

 What is the Ranier Rink's phone number?

The phone number for the Ranier Rink is 286-5477. This number is seasonal and is disconnected when the rink closes in the spring. It's available again when the rink opens for use in the winter months.